View Full Version : How to clear DHCP Server Leases

2017-09-20, 17:36
Hi all, i'm currently tracking an issue where all the leases get gobbled up on R77.20.60. I don't know if other version are effected. You'll see a messages about no free leases show up in /var/log/messages when it triggers. The crazy part has been figuring out how to blow away the leases.

Turns out stop/start and or deleting /var/dhcpd.leases* will not clear out the leases file. There is a database file that some other process parses out and creates the leases file from its last state. I don't know what process handles this or what process is responsible for restarting dhcpd on gaia embedded but as a work around you can clear the leases file by doing the following.

mv /flash/sofaware/params/1034 /flash/sofaware/params/1034.org

This way just in case that causes a problem you still have that file but this worked for my 750. I'll reply once i hear what the real fix is.