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2017-06-16, 08:58

When creating a schedule for automatically downloading IPS updates, it is necessary to enter the credentials to sue via SmartDashboard. We have to access our management server from a jump server that does not have any Internet access. After I enter the credentials, SmartDashboard tries to verify the credentials which fails as there is no Internet access from the jump server.

Are the credentials still accepted and used for the automatic updates?

I am asking this because, so far the Automatic updates have not worked.

The management server itself has direct Internet access for DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS. We can download updates and Hotfixes for the appliances via the GAIA GUI. I am wondering if the failure to verify the credentials when I enter them, is the root cause of the issue.

Everything is based on R77.30, so the issue previously mentioned in this group about the change in certificates to SHA-256, should not apply, as the SK mentions that the hot fixes are all integrated into R77.30.

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2017-06-17, 00:31
Have you followed the steps in sk96647 and sk83520, by chance?

2017-06-19, 03:22

I did a bit of searching for a solution, but I did not come across these SKs. I will check them out.

Many thanks!