View Full Version : how to export cpinfo log file from firewall

2017-05-03, 06:22
Need assistance with exporting cpinfo file out from firewall.

2017-05-03, 10:41
cpinfo -z -o /path_to_file/filename

will generate fresh cpinfo output compressed output with the name specified and in the location specified

You then connect to the Gateway using WinSCP and a account that has the Bash Shell as it's shell and can transfer the file off the box.

2017-05-03, 13:03
One can also obtain the very latest cpinfo version via CPUSE in the Gaia web interface, and when you run the updated version it will ask if you'd like to auto-upload the cpinfo results to Check Point directly when it is done. It will ask you for some additional information if you elect this option which is much easier, assuming the system can access the Internet.