View Full Version : Finding an object within the NAT rules

2016-06-17, 11:11
Hi all,

when I try to find to know where an object is used I get the list but not the NAT rule where it is used.
Is there a way to do that?
I'd like to know which objects are NAT'ed behind the object in question.



2016-06-17, 12:59
Think I understand this

You have selected an object and then right clicked, where used

This then brings up the Objects where is used

Will show objects and the Context will be NAT-> the_firewallig_obj if is a Check Point Gateway which aren't rules but defined on the object itself. Will then show the objects that it is configured for. These show up irrespective of the Policy that in and will be different numbers in different policies. But will show you ALL of the Objects using that Gateway as the Nat in a Hide Behind etc.

If is a Non Gateway used in a NAT rule then will show under Active Policy the rules used and whether is used as a Source or Destination and then if Origional or Translated. Will just show under Saved Policies that is used in the policy somewhere and need to open that policy. You then need to look at the rule to see what is being used with to see what is being NATed too or from in that NAT rule.