View Full Version : Installation of checkpoint NG AI R55

2006-08-07, 02:00
i am trying to set up lab for checkpoint firewall installation..can somebody help me out in how to set up this environment as i am very new to checkpoint..we are having checkpoint NG AI R55...i need complete installation document...help me out sooon

2006-08-07, 09:17
If you have the software on CD, then you also have the documentation. Look on the CD for the PDFs, and start reading them. I would suggest the release notes and installation guide would be the obvious place to start.

If you can't find the documents you need there, then go to www.checkpoint.com, and download them.

If you've read all the documentation, and still don't have any idea where to start, then you should try and get yourself on one of the CP courses. It's not that difficult though.

Don't expect to get help from others when you have made no effort to read documentation yourself. If you are looking for help, it is better to define specific issues that you are facing, what you have done about it so far, and what seems to be going wrong.