View Full Version : 600 series upgrades & external logging requirements

2016-01-09, 16:52
Q1: Model upgrade capabilities
My understanding (based on what little info I've been able to find) is that all 600 & 1100 series appliances are physically identical - ADSL option, WiFi option, and paint scheme notwithstanding. Assuming that is correct, can anyone confirm if Check Point sells upgrade licenses that would upgrade a 600 series device to an 1100 series device (ex:680 to 1180)? I've found several reviews online that it is possible to buy an upgrade license within the same series (620 to 680, etc), but I don't even see an option to do that on the Check Point eStore...

Q2: External Logging from a 600
The web interface for the 600 appliances clearly offers an option to log to an external server. Ok, cool...so what do I need to offload the logging from the 600 to a virtual server?

Upon RTFM & I found the following: "You can use an external Check Point log server that is managed by a Security Management Server for storing additional logs."

I contacted support, and was told that to log externally from a 600 device, that I would need to buy a license for SmartDashboard, I asked for a SKU of what license I specifically needed to buy, and he couldn't advise. Check Point makes great stuff, but their licensing is about as clear as mud, and even more convoluted than Microsoft.. Can anyone tell me what I'd actually need to do this?

2016-01-10, 03:56
Without the intention to troll this thread I don't think of a positive answer for question no1.
As for 2nd one, let's see what our veterans have to say about this. Did you attempt to send some logs to a free syslog server as Kiwi?

P.S. I like a lot you organized way of posting.