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2015-03-11, 15:51
We want to upgrade our VSX gateways currently running Gaia R75.40VS; our intent is to upgrade to R77.20. Never performed this kind of upgrade before, so this is our first, please bear with me...

So far my research shows the following:
1) pretty much have to perform a clean install and reconfigure the boxes from scratch
2) rollback appears to be impossible (except by reinstalling old version, and reconfiguring too) because the current VSX machines canít be easily backed up, unless Iím missing something. sk101534 seems to indicate that.
3) Another thing I read somewhere, long ago (and canít find where right now) was that some other files may need to be manually backed up from the box and recreated later on the new installation, such as the proxy.arp files on each VS (which we happen to use).
4) For the Ďclean installí procedure, it looks like the only way is by burning the ISO to USB or DVD and then plug it into the USB port into the box? (in other words: no way of uploading the R77.20 file into the current OS and running a script).

sk101518 seems to be the only article explaining the process. If there is an alternative... please advise!

Any help will be very much appreciated!

2015-03-11, 16:14
The R77 Installation and Upgrade Guide for Gaia Platforms (https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/R77/CP_R77_Gaia_Installation_and_Upgrade_Guide/html_frameset.htm) has just about every option available. But truth be told, sk101518 is the most direct documentation for what you want to do.

2015-03-11, 19:09
I did clean install of 77.20 , was R67 before , no issues, no backup of gw. My steps were just like below;)
1) Perform clean install using R77.20 image from USB drive. Setup mgmt. IP address, default routing and SIC.
2) Run vsx_util upgrade, then vsx_util reconfigure from P1
3) Install licenses, set standard passwords and setup snmp community.
4) Install all policies