View Full Version : Bridge mode seems stable

2015-01-24, 13:19
Just thought i would pass along that bridge mode on R77.20 seems to be pretty stable. I just brought up 4 firewalls running bridge mode with URL, antibot and antivirus and everything seems to be working. 2 firewalls used physical nics, 2 use bonded interfaces. You need to enable the reroute option found in the tech admin guide if you have a 3rd interface used for management (vs say managing via the bridge interface) other wise you may run into local interface spoofing errors. This is assuming your management interface needs internet access and this will pass through the inside interface of the bond at some point.

Also make sure the url filter can access cws.checkpoint.com or else it simply won't work right.

Paul Douglas
2016-01-10, 11:29

I've just posted a new thread asking for assistance in configuring the network topology in smartdash.

I've already setup the bridge group using the webgui on both our 4400 appliances configured as a CLuserXL HA Pair, both running R77.30. I'm not finding the documentation very useful in how to configure the topology. If anything I find it very conflicting.

Would appreciate some help and advice as to how you configured yours ?