View Full Version : How to export all the Objects in 75.40(GAIA) to R77.20(GAIA)??.

2014-10-08, 17:51
We have installed a new management server running R77.20 and I need to create all the objects in R77.20 mgmt server which are as same as the management server running(R75.40) at a different location.Is there any way to export from R75.40 to R77.20 ??

2014-10-09, 11:59
Objects can be exported and imported directly from the Dashboard.

If you need a copy of a current management server to another management server the best is to make a full export from the R75.40 and import it into the R77.20 using the method described in the upgrade manuals for upgrading an management server to a new IP.

2014-10-10, 10:02
I had a customer very kindly do the Dashboard Export for me for about 100 networks. Unfortunately our Dashboard was R75.40 and there was R76 so couldn't import what they sent us.

I would suggest that use the migrate export, migrate import using the R77.20 Management Migration Tools as suggested.

2014-10-10, 14:55
If you only want the objects and nothing else (i.e. no policies) so as not to disturb the target production Security Management Server (SMS) and keep all default global properties for that release, cp_merge is the tool you need to use. However cp_merge cannot easily cross versions like the migrate tools can. Procedure:

1) On original R75.40 SMS get a copy of the $FWDIR/conf/objects_5_0.C file
2) Load new R75.40 Gaia SMS in VMware
3) Copy original objects_5_0.C file onto VMWare R75.40 SMS in current directory and run

cp_merge merge_objects -s -u <SmartDashboard username> -p <SmartDashboard password> -d .

4) Upgrade VM SMS directly to R77.20 (use Upgrade Wizard in SecureKnowledge to ensure you get the correct upgrade package)
5) Copy $FWDIR/conf/objects_5_0.C from VM SMS to target production R77.20 SMS in current home directory of admin user
6) Make sure you are out of the SmartDashboard on the target SMS and run:

cp_merge merge_objects -s -u <SmartDashboard username> -p <SmartDashboard password> -d .

This procedure allows just the objects to be brought forward which is very handy if you want to rebuild your policy from scratch on the target but don't want to create all the objects you need again. Be sure to clean up any unused objects once your new policies have been constructed and are working acceptably on the target SMS.