View Full Version : Persistent static routes after disabling/enabling interfaces

2014-07-02, 08:26

I have noticed a behavior in 4800 appliances under SecurePlatform R75.40: static routes "belonging" an interface disappear when we disable it from the route table and they don't come back when we enable it again.

Do you think that is correct? That means that we have to have a backup file of every static route in order to recreate those routes when we disable and enable again an interface.

Thank you.

2014-07-02, 08:43
Pretty sure you will find happens on all of the Appliances, and is normal behaviour for the Appliances.
Look at disabling the interfaces on the switches that the Check Point is connected into rather then disabling and enabling the interfaces on the Firewall. The interface will still drop, however the routes will remain and come back up once you enable the switchport.