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2014-03-24, 12:52
we are moving 2 clusters ( 4 open server gateways) to our existing management
we have a license limit of 10 gateways,
but with these 2 clusters we'll get to 12

will the gateways still be managable?
will it be possible to install policy?

unfortunately even if the license on the gateway is fine, we cannot (for burocratic issues) upgrade the management license.


2014-03-24, 16:29
if i remember correctly, it won't let you push policy to anything if you have more than your licensed number of managed check point gateway objects defined.

2014-03-25, 08:15
Correct, you cannot have defined more internally managed gateways then you are licensed for otherwise fails to install.

As such if you want to bring 4 more gateways on for a total of 12 then you will need to upgrade the license for the management to support 12 gateways.

2014-04-01, 05:08
thank you,

we have asked for an upgrade quote of the license,

what is then the correct procedure to install/substitute the new license?


2014-04-01, 07:02
Simply licese the upgraded license with the higher count in UserCenter
Install License via SmartUpdate on Management Server as normal.

If you remove the old license with the smaller license count then you will find that need to reboot the SmartCenter, otherwise can leave alone.