View Full Version : Management on 2200 Appliance

2014-02-27, 23:53

Been running Splat on Openserver for years, just moving to appliance with Gaia.

Been able to configure the 2 new gateways, setup new management, export/import policy and install. Great!

However allong the way I screw up something with management interface of one of the new gateway. Now I cannot longer https to its IP address or the default one (
I cannot ping the address either

I have plugged the serial console cable and using expert commands, I have noticed the interface route is missing for it.
On the other appliance, I got U

I have tried to add the route again using route add -net gw and all sort of different syntax but no joy

I might not be running the best command, there might be better Gaia one instead!

I also checked the interfaces using the ifconfig and it is up and running
I also checked using the gaia command 'show interface all' and it is the same as the other appliance

Has anyone got any idea?

Thanks in advance

Update: fixed the problem by doing a factory reset