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2006-07-17, 16:13
I wanted to control my traffic on the checkpoint firewall, so I installed FloodGate1 on the firewall itself (by going to voyager and turning FloodGate1 Module on) I also turned on SmartView Monitor Module from the voyager.

So, i was hoping to select the QoS in Gateway Cluster properties from the Management Server. But its greyed out. I was able to select SmartView Monitor checkbox and install the policy to get the bandwidth reporting working, but not the QoS.

I wanted to see whether I need to install something on the management server itself to get the QoS tab in the management server... check the screenshot below

If yes, please tell me how i can install it on the management server and why didn't I have to install anything for SmartView monitor to work?

2006-07-18, 02:29
If i remember right, you need to install floodgate on SmartCenter too for R55. For NGX floodgate is a part of CPsuite. Then you need to check QoS in module properties only. And may be in your case create new policy package with QoS Policy type.

2006-07-18, 12:33
Thanks kva.kva

Can i install floodgate-1 on SmartCenter by itself or i need to install the whole package and then make sure to include floodgate-1 ???
If the former, then can u plz provide me with a link for its download?

your help is much appreciated

2006-07-19, 02:56
What version do you use? NG AI or NGX?