View Full Version : [CP Applaiance 1100] Unable NAT 80 and 443 TCP ports

2013-08-06, 03:48
I'm currently deploy a 1100 (with R75.20) for a smb company. I have to publish some services like SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS (Exchange) , VPN...

I've tried to publish my Exchange server with the Nat server wizzard but the NAT failed for HTTP and HTTPs port. For the HTTP, the log says : WebIU/SSH access attemp from unallowed interface. In fact the NAT rule doesn't work and my http resquest go to the WEBUI 1100 and not to the Exchange server.For the HTTPS I don't get any logs.

I have made some tests with a IIS test server and change the 80 and 443 default port. And it works : I can NAT this server using different TCP port.

Unfortunately, with Exchange you cannot change all the HTTP ports like the ExchangeActiveSync protocol. It have to NAT the HTTPS 443.

I found the solution id sk93746 for a similar problem but I don't get on my 1100 any settings like "Remote Access - Reserve port 443 for port forwarding"....

Maybe someone have found a solution ?

2013-08-06, 06:56
You say has R75.20 installed on the 1100, do you have the R75.20 HFA20 installed onto the 1100. The sk article that you linked to states that the attribute you are looking for only appears in the R75.20 HFA20. If on raw R75.20 or R75.20 HFA 10 then won't have the attribute.

2013-08-06, 08:46
Thanks for the tips ! It's working now for HTTPS !!!!

But same problem for the HTTP on 80 port : WEBUI/SSH access attemp from unallowed interface !