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2006-07-05, 15:50
Hi there again

I have been trying to test Eventia recently and am not having any luck. I have tried to set it up in various ways and using different version,but nothing seems to be working. I have wiped my solaris server of my checkpoint fw1 NG with AI and installed both the Eventia SVN and Eventia analyzer (tried as a server with coreleation and just a server). Now when i try to connect to the server using the windows Eventia Analyzer GUI or Smart Center R55 I always get the error message saying the connection to the sever can not be initialized and to make sure the server is up and that I have GUI permisions.

I have checked and I have permissions, the sever is up and according to the user guide smart center R55 is supported. But I can't conenct using it or the Eventia GUI.

Any help would be Appreciated

2006-07-10, 04:40
we have implied rules active but we're not able to connect to eventia, after adding a rule with -> cpmi from gui-clients to eventia we were able to connect

2006-07-11, 11:42
Thank you for your reply. Unfourtunatly I am still quite a newb at eventia and don't kow how I could create said rule at a CLI level. I have only ever done it with the GUI which in my prediciment is not possible. I will start looking around for some documentation but if anyone has a quick link or an example it would be quite useful.

Thank You

2006-07-12, 02:24
just create a rule in the gui that allows your guiclient to connect to Eventia:

your Guiclinet ip

Eventia Reporter ip

CPMI (18190 tcp)