View Full Version : Remotely start a UTM device from a graceful shutdown

2013-04-29, 15:49
Hello, After issuing a graceful shutdown of a UTM box how can I bring it back up without someone on site? The power switch is in the ON position however the Firewall has been shutdown via SSH.

Im thinking a IP based PDU,Powerstrip or some other IP based hardware device since there is nothing in the UTM that allows me to send a turn on command like an ILO or drac card for a server.

Anyone have any recommendations?

2013-04-30, 15:43
Unfortunatly, if that appliance doesn't have an ILO/LOM port on it, then you'll need someone physically cycle power for you. In the future, if this firewall is staticly routed, you should be able to run a 'cpstop' to halt all the Check Point services, and you should be able to still SSH to it. (haven't verified lately that SSH would still work)

2013-04-30, 16:10
Yeah this is just a UTM appliance. Pretty sure it doesn't have anything like that.