View Full Version : SSL Network Extender

2013-04-25, 21:33

I have a user that needs o connect via SSL Network Extender but currently it's not able to. He opened a ticket to see if the firewall is open to the server. From what I've read this is port 443 and posibly 444. 443 is going through a proxy which then shows the server the proxies IP and not the original source. Also if port 444 is needed it's going through a Checkpoint firewall, which is dropping it at this point, but would come out with the sources original IP address. My question is; one, what ports are needed in each direction for he SSL Network extender to work? and Two, if it's only 443 and 444, in my setup the server would see them as commong from two different networks. Any suggestion on how to get this to work?

In case it's not clear from the above, we are the client side, someone else runs the server.