View Full Version : management slow performance on policy package switch and on policy installation

2013-03-20, 11:59

our open server
Model: IBM system 3650 (7979B4G)
Processor: Inter® Xeon® CPU E 5430 2.66 GHz
Ram: 10.0 GB
network card: 2 Broadcom BCM5708C NetXtreme II GigE (NDIS VBD Client)
Hard Disk 300 GB + 3 HD

version R75.40

is really slow
one package contains 860 rules.

when we switch between policy package it takes minutes,
and also when installing policies,

there are not problems of space on the disk:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vg_splat-lv_current 18G 9.5G 7.1G 58% /
/dev/sda1 145M 84M 54M 61% /boot
tmpfs 5.0G 0 5.0G 0% /dev/shm
/dev/mapper/vg_splat-lv_log 775G 396G 340G 54% /var/log



2013-08-10, 00:21
We had that problem recently as well, and the biggest performance boost we got was adding gobs of RAM. I think we went from 8GB to 32GB or so. We have one policy in particular that would take seemingly forever to push policy as well (1100ish rules), and after adding the RAM, it was very quick, or at least acceptable for the big one. We generally push 5-10 policies every morning, and the time it took to push those was cut in half easily with the upgrade. Before it would take the entire hour window.
Good Luck!

2013-08-14, 02:04
We have the same issue. It seems to come form the memory used and the only solution we got is to reboot the management to free memory.
After reboot, the situation comes clear (higher performance when switching policy packages, looking for objects in database, policy push (during compiling phase).
What are the results of top command and vmstat -s ?
Before and after the reboot?
Currently monitoring what causes this memory consumption on our side.

And right, good luck!