View Full Version : Experiences with Checkpoint 2200 Series

2013-03-18, 10:02
i hope, i found the right forum for my question.
We´re planning to use Checkpoint Appliances for our international departments round the world.
Our supplier suggested to use the checkpoint 2200 series as security-gateways in this locations.
We want to use them for firewall, url-filtering and av-solutions.

Does anybody have experiences with performance, reliability and so on of these components. Some years ago we had utm and nokia boxes fitted with checkpoint and made really bad experience, especially with reliability of hard disks and power supplys.

Thanks for your help.


2013-03-18, 16:54
we are using them in our branches
a user base of 20 to 40, enabled features AV,IA,DLP,IPS,APP CTRL,URL FILTERING
till now touch wood all is working. so far so good.

by looks it gives you an impression of a soho firewall.

I don't like the cpu though for the price...its an atom processor with 2GB RAM.
dunno why don't they use quadcore and bump the os to 64-bit with some ram in there.
both quad cpu and ram these days are cheap.