View Full Version : Importing/configuring a very large number of IPS Protections in a new profile

2013-03-14, 07:10

I have been given an Excel spreadsheet of 3797 IPS protections exported from the IPS tab of a DMS via "View > Export View" function.

This spreadsheet has been used by the Security team to go through and identify which protections to set with a detect, protect or inactive action with the action column of the spreadsheet edited accordingly. I have now been asked to create a protections profile based on the actions defined for the protections in this spreadsheet.

I am trying to work out what will be the best way to now integrate these settings back into a new profile.

Can anyone suggest a quick and reliable way to read this information back into a new profile?


2013-03-14, 08:02
Actually, I could be wrong about how this spreadsheet was manipulated.

While I am sure it was created via the "View > Export View" function, it is possible that the action settings were set in an IPS policy in a test environment and then the final configuration exported to the spreadsheet as opposed the actions being manually edited in the spreadsheet.

If this is the case, the IPS policy is still likely on the testing DMS somewhere. Could this policy be easily exported and then imported into a different DMS instead of manually configuring all these settings?