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2013-02-28, 15:50
First of all, the Forum is missing a section for SmartLog :)

I updated my home 2205 Appliance from R75.40 to R76 recently. I'm using the pppoe interface feature and dynamic objects to connect to my ISP (I have a dynamic v4 IP).
My ISP forces me to disconnect every 24 hours, so I scripted something to force a reconnect nightly. For that to work, I need to issue "cpstop" and "cpstart" after resetting the pppoe interface.

No what's weird: SmartLog now stops showing me recent entries. The last entry visible is always the one before cpstop && cpstart was issued. With R75.40, everything was fine. SmartView Tracker works fine as well.
Do I need to restart SmartLog indexer with an extra command? Is it a bug? Can anybody reproduce this?

2013-03-01, 02:59
First of all, the Forum is missing a section for SmartLog :)
Can anybody reproduce this?

Why not to make reboot?

2013-03-01, 03:09
Why not to make reboot?

Rebooting wouldn't help. After reboot the pppoe interface will get a new IP, forcing me to change the dynamic object again, requiring another reboot... and so on.

Barry J. Stiefel
2013-03-02, 13:05
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