View Full Version : Wake On LAN (WOL) - Directed Broadcast

2013-02-24, 01:17

Is there a way to forward directed broadcast between VLANS through the firewall ?

I am not refering to IP broadcast helper which converts broadcast to unicast.

2015-07-22, 06:05
The problem is NOT the forwarding of LAN directed broadcasts. Lets take an example where you have a WOL Server on side A of the firewall and WOL Clients at side B of the firewall.
If you have a router between the firewall and the client, then WOL through the firewall works, because the router (last device in WOL chain) correctly converts the packet sent by the WOL Server from a LAN directed broadcast (lets say to a full broadcast (
If the client VLAN ( /24) ist directly attached to the firewall, the firewall fails (or is not aware of that it has) to convert the directed broadcast to a full broadcast.
In that sense, your observation is correct if WOL client's and WOL Server's VLANs are attached directly to the same firewall.