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2013-02-11, 10:14
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2013-02-15, 09:48
Thanks PhoneBoy

Enhancement: You can configure AD Query to ignore login events from users that log in to a different domain.
To configure this, in GuiDBEdit Tool, go to Table > Network Objects > network_objects > Management Server object - then in the lower pane, go to "ad_query_profile" > "ignore_different_domains".
Set the value of ignore_different_domains attribute to "true". Save all changes.

Does this mean it is finally possible to mix users from different domains in one AD group in order to authenticate them all with Identity Awareness?
Until R75.45 one had to create a group for each domain, because only these users where recognized by Check Point, which belong to the same domain as the group itself.

2013-02-21, 17:03
Watch out, R75.46 is not compatible with the UTM-1 4400 series model; just found out the hard way. The release appears to work but then has problems after a few days. Would have been nice to have some kind of warning in the R75.46 sk90960 or in the R75.46 release notes which state the "4000" series of appliances are supported by this release.

2013-02-24, 21:14
The 4400 is supported by R75.46. There was an omission in the SK.