View Full Version : Nokia IP440 build 3.4.1-FCS11 - upgd quest

2006-06-29, 01:23
I recently acquired 2 IP440's to sharpen my skills with nokia appliances since a lot of my experience is with SPLAT. This build allows for only CP 4.1 and this is the CP version that came loaded on the 440's.

Any suggestions on how I can acquire a later build (ie 3.8)? Nokia no longer supports this appliance as it is EOCS and approaching EOL. My goal is to at least get NG installed on the boxes and get clustering configured in my home lab.

I would greatly appreciate ANY input because I am stumped at this point. Heck, I have an evaluation copy of NGX R60 smartcenter running on my home server and it can't manage anything less than CP NG. So I have no way of administering the rule base on the IP440's.

2006-07-01, 09:04
If you have access to the Nokia support site or know someone that does, you can download a newer version of IPSO and do a clean install of it on the appliance.