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Barry J. Stiefel
2005-08-13, 14:58
Help Wanted

The following page is for companies/individuals to solicit for experienced Check Point individuals. Individuals may also post their availability as well. Some basic rules:

This is a free service and I can remove it at any time.
I reserve the right to remove inappropriate listings at any time.
Job descriptions/requirements should be as specific as possible, and must be related to Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 products in some manner. Suitable job types include (but not necessarily limited to) support engineer, trainer, sales engineer, administrator, etc.
Please not the physical location(s) of the employment offer/interest. You need not give street address, but a general idea of location (City, State/Provence, Country). Remember that people worldwide look at this site.
Do not solicit other products and services here.
Invididuals can post a link to their resumes, but don't post your actual resume on this page.


I don't endorse any of the following companies.
Those who post the information are responsible for the accuracy of the information. I'm not.

-- PhoneBoy (http://www.phoneboy.com/bin/view.pl/Main/PhoneBoy) - 13 Feb 2004

WANTED: Check Point FW-1 first level administrator

Position filled.

-- RobertGraham (http://www.phoneboy.com/bin/view.pl/Main/RobertGraham) - 20 Jun 2005

2005-12-10, 17:51
If you wish to find out more, email plipman <AT> customrecruiting . com