View Full Version : MGMT port?

2013-01-02, 08:31
So I just got my new 12200... :-)
The no 8 port marked MGMT.. Can I use it to whatever I want or what's its purpose ? Since there is a LOM also .

2013-01-02, 10:03
The port labelled management from what I have found on the 2012 appliances is simply the port where the default IP is configured. Other then being labelled as Mgmt then can use as a normal port for firewall purposes.

If you have a seperate Mgmt Network for your Firewalls and Mgmt Server then I use that port for it, however it isn't a dedicated port as such.

2013-01-02, 10:32
The MAC address of the Mgmt port is also used by Check Point to identify the device and the license installed is also associated to it too.

2013-01-03, 04:03
Ok, great. For connection to MGMT server it is then. That's what I wanted to hear. :-)