View Full Version : 4807 or 12200 ?

2012-12-13, 11:11
Hi there. I've received two offers to upgrade my HW to checkpoint appliances. Currently we're running SPLAT on HPDL360's G4 I think.
We're a small DataCenter with approx 2-3000 users and would like to add some functions like IA and Application control.
The difference between the two models (in a redundant setup ) is aprox 10000USD. What can I use to motivate the 12200 model over the 4807 ?
As I can see it there's the option to put 4 10Gbps interface in the 12200 and 2 in the 4807 + og course the throughput performance is a bit better on the 12200.
The 12200 has the option to add redundant disks which the 4807 doesnät have ?

Is it something else that I'm missing ?

2012-12-21, 10:58
I think you've pretty much nailed the differences. Bottom line: the 12200 will give you more room to grow than the 4800.

2012-12-21, 16:07
The hardware specs on both boxes are pretty similar, both have a quad core CPU and same amount of RAM (4gb). The processor in the 12200 is slightly faster than the 4800, which is where you see the difference in performance specs. I'd also opt for the 12200 if you can

2013-01-02, 09:14
Thnx for your responses.. I got the 12200.