View Full Version : GAIA on 4200 appliance, possible?

2012-11-27, 13:14
Does GAIA 75.45 work on a 4200 appliances?

I was recently trying to upgrade one to GAIA, and each time it would not respond after the GUI upgrade said it was successful, rebooting the device.
The box came with default R75.40 SPLAT and as per the local TAC SPLAT can be converted to GAIA.

He suggested the file Check_Point_Upgrade_for_R75.40.Splat_to_Gaia.tgz.
First time i did GUI upgrade, all went smoothly except when the box did a final reboot, it went dead.

Again somehow we got to resetting the box to default and again tried it, still it died on us. Not to mention the buggy console port on this box, the connection kept going...
The GAIA boot up screen does come up on console and if i select normal mode it throws up an error of file not found.TAC couldn't help much.

is there a simple and successful way of converting SPLAT to GAIA?
I was also thinking of a clean install with Check_Point_R75.45_Gaia.iso

2012-11-29, 07:28
I would advise to make a clean install with Check_Point_R75.45_Gaia.iso. It does support 4200.

2012-11-29, 08:35
I would advise to make a clean install with Check_Point_R75.45_Gaia.iso. It does support 4200.

Second that. When installing new appliances to R75.40 then have been using Gaia for them all. Always just took them out of the box and did a clean build with the Gaia ISO.

Even when doing upgrades I personally prefer to be at the box and do a clean build then reconfigure

2012-12-02, 07:45
thanks guys....:)

there was this old usb trick of installing it.
mounting and booting, simple 3 four commands, any pointers to useful threads that just tells you wat to do for clean install?

2012-12-16, 12:55
Updating back on my successful migration.

What worked for me :

Fresh install with R75.45 on both management and gateway appliances.
Use Sandisk usb drive and use isomorphic for burning the full 75.45 gaia iso.
Boot with it and on the boot menu type "serial" for the installation to proceed.

Thats it!!! post all the console messages fruckas, you will have Gaia up and running on your 4600/4200's.

hope it helps someone.....one last checkpoint really loves keeping all the secrets to itself.