View Full Version : creating security policies in SMP/SMC (*.pfz)

2006-06-23, 02:54
I'm new to Sofaware Management Portal and was looking to find a means to manage Safe@ devices in order to accomdate users that will have Dynamic IPs and need VPN access to Checkpoint FW1-R60 gateways.

I ran into a snag when trying to configure policies for the Safe@s & Edge devices through the SMP.. The help in SMC and SMP6_admin_guide says i should refer to 'SofaWare SmartCenter Connector User Guide'. This UG doesn't seem to be on CP or Sofaware's site..

Any help would be greatly appreciated if anyone has dealt with this before.

thanks for your time,

2006-07-02, 12:15
SMP is only for mannaging Safe@Office devices.
Connector is legacy method for managing Safe@Edge boxes. Currently you can control Safe@Edge directly from NGX_R61