View Full Version : overlapping encryption domains

2012-09-14, 08:57

does anyone know how to get rid of this warning ?


2012-09-14, 09:26
You have configured a partially overlapping encryption domain which is not a recognized valid configuration, hence the message.
As such you need to look at the encryption domains that you have configured and why you need this overlap.

Both Gateways are part of your Remote Access Community, so either remove one of the gateways from the community or remove the Overlapping Network from one of the gateways encryption domains.

There is the ability to specify a seperate Remote Access Encryption Domain from the regular one that is used. The regular one is then just used for Site to Site VPN's.

Is there a reason why you need the same network in both gateways encryption domain. What is it you are trying to achieve and then can work out the best way forward for you.