View Full Version : Deleting old active packages from IPSO running security gateway

2012-08-27, 14:44
I am sure someone can help me out, I have somewhat same issue, We are running IPSO 6.2 with R75.20 package on all the clusters in our business enviornment, recently one of the firewall got crash which got failed over, but very next day same issue was seen on failed over firewall, we got case logged with Checkpoint and sent them CST to advice us on the problem. However, they couldn't find any specfic reason or cause of the issue, but found to have old packages active on the firewall. which they belive can cause device to malfunction, now as i am new to this technology and to checkpoint I am bit worried of going ahead, so seeking for a help here. I am looking for some answers like...

1. Can we just remove old packages, if yes how? (are there any commands? does we have to remove package from voyager and via CLI? complete process will be a great help)

2. Will removing of package affect the running firewall?

3. Does this has to be done on all the cluster in our environment?

2012-08-29, 05:02
Depends I think.
Are you running a distributed environment and you want to delete packages on the management, it will get you in trouble.
Especially when you upgraded in the past.
Same for non-distributed, running firewall and management on the box.
I haven't seen it yet when deleting any old packages on a gateway in a distributed setup.
If they are 'inactive' it is safe to delete them.
If Check Point says, you can, that means a go I guess.