View Full Version : rules base copy info and permission denied to webui error

2012-08-22, 12:14
I have one checkpoint r75 on a open server that act both as management and gw.
Now i want to implement a new cluster-xl HA with gaia 75.40.
I installed 2 new open server as gateway and a virtual machine as a managament.
I tryed to use the migrate tool but when I run the import on the new management I get the message "Database migration between standalone and management only is not supported" :((
I have about 200 nodes so I'm going to create them manually but I would like at least to move the rules base.
Is it possible?
Furthermore the management server is running fine and I can get to it without problem with the dashboard but I can't access through the webui..
after inserting the credentials i get the message "Permission denied", I try to reboot but I can't access to it, I did not set any ip limitations so I really don't know why. any ideas?
thank you