View Full Version : CP 2200 Appliance R75.10 - Cannot connect to WebUI

2012-07-24, 11:02

I have problems connecting to the WebUI. SSH, SmartConsole and Terminal works fine...

webui disable and enable --> same problem
hosts.allow --> any
chmod of the webui files are right (groups too)

I guess the browser is the problem. I've updated to the latest java Version. I tried IE9 and IE8.

The strange thing is, that after restoring everything works fine but after a while ... The same problem again :\

Does anybody have a solution?

best regards

2012-07-28, 10:33
A SecurePlatform section was added for gateway objects in R75 - this is explained in sk60963. This allows you to specify a different port for the SPLAT webui from Dashboard. The WebUI configuration files gets dynamically generated every time policy is pushed to the gateway now, and a policy install will override any changes made with the 'webui enable' command.