View Full Version : FWM Logexport Missing?

2012-07-18, 08:21
I had setup a script to convert our log files once a night to text and send them to different server for storage and review.
After we upgraded to R75.40 Gaia, the process stopped.
I am unable to find command at all in my Smart-1 and UTM-1 devices that have been upgraded to R75.40 Gaia.

I was using /opt/CPsuite-R75.40/fw1/bin/fwm logexport -io [Directory]/[Date]_*.log -n > [exportfile] in R71.30.

The FWM directory is gone.

Does anyone know what happen to the command or a substitute?

2012-07-25, 21:51
You can check logexport.ini in Checkpoint Management
If it isn't exists, you can create it for customize fields log
[Expert@MLM]# more /var/opt/CPmds-R70/customers/CPsuite-R70/fw1/conf/logexport.ini
included_fields = num,date,time,action,src,dst,proto,service,s_port