View Full Version : How to send IPv6 Router Advertisements?

2012-07-13, 16:12

With R75.20/Splat I used the radvd rpm package to get radvd for router advertisements (RA).

Now I made a fresh installation with R75.40/Gaia and I fail to get router advertisements. In Gaia WebUI is a config option called "IPv6 Router Discovery". In the beginning I thought this is for the other way round (checkpoint accepts RAs) but as "Advertise Intervals" do not make sense when receiving RAs I am now sure this option is for sending RAs. I also see there is a "routed" daemon running and its config file looks promising.

But I do not manage to get router advertisements. I have configured RAs on the respective interfaces but the firewall does not send the RAs. I even explicitly allowed services router-advertisement but I still do not get router advertisements.

Any hints?

2012-07-19, 18:53
IPv6 Router Discovery is the right spot, and it works for me - running GAiA+ R75.40 on 2205 Appliance.

Also checked this on a GAiA non-plus VM and works there as well.

Remember that you need ICMPv6 for that. If you disabled implicit rules and forgot to allow ICMPv6, RA may not work (I did not checked this).