View Full Version : From R70.10 SPLAT to a new server with a fresh R75.40 GAIA install

B A Booracus
2012-07-05, 16:33
I want to take a Security Management Server from R70.10 SPLAT to a new server (HW) installed fresh with R75.40 GAIA.

From my initial research, it looks like the best way to go is:

1.) Do an in-place upgrade of the SPLAT Mgmt Svr from R70.10 to R75 base.
2.) Use the R75.40 GAIA migration tools to export the data from the other R75 SPLAT server.
3.) Import the previous export into the new server running R75.40 GAIA.

Anyone see any flaws to this plan?

2012-07-06, 02:27
Would be the way that I would do it.

B A Booracus
2012-07-06, 11:50
Thank you mcnallym... I'm really liking the new GAiA WebUI!