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2012-07-03, 03:05
hi all, i have problem with 3 Checkpoint.
here the case:
i have 3 checkpoint, lets say side a, side b, side c.
side b is center of all Checkpoint there is one SMS there who manage all of CP.
here the topology:
side A and Side B have VPN site to site connection. Side B and Side C have leased line connection, so could say just normal LAN.all of this work fine, but now i want to add one leased line from side A to side C.

i dont want the VPN goes down. i want VPN will be my Backup Link if one of leased line goes down. so the normally trafic will be route at leased line and the VPN tunnel just become standby link.

can anyone sugest what should i do?
i also used simplified VPN, do i need to change to traditional mode???

thanks and Regard,

Harri Darmawan