2006-06-16, 09:27
I apologize for the stupid question here. I just want to cover myself.

Can I do "VPN DEBUG IKEON" on my Nokia gateway running NGX without any disruption, or should this type of thing be done off-hours. Does it do any harm? I read in the manuals that no cpstop/cpstart is required, and I don't see any warnings in the manuals, but I wanted to ask you all, to be sure.

Where can I get IKEVIEW.EXE? In the manuals it sounds like it's a tool for CheckPoint support, but folks have posted replies where this module is mentioned, so it must be floating out there. Is it available to folks like me?

2006-06-16, 09:39
Yes you can do it without interruption.

2006-06-16, 09:40
Where can I get IKEVIEW.EXE? In the manuals it sounds like it's a tool for
IKEView is available only for CSP partners - http://www.checkpoint.com/techsupport/csp/downloads/dl_utilities.html#ike_view

2006-06-16, 09:41
its tool available for CSP (and higher) only.

2008-07-25, 00:59
VPNDEBUG IKEON can be ran withouth disruption but there are performance implications on a device with many VPNS. I have had this debug crash a few Nokia IP 330s. Also the file created can fill up the partition, which would also cause a crash.

With regards to obtaining the IKEVIEW utility,thought their policy is to only provide it to partners, anyone with a valid contract can get it for free. Just call support with a VPN issue and they will email it to you.

By the way, have posted a good IKEVIEW guide on my site. NetLeets tips and notes (http://netleets.com/tips/tipscp.htm)

2010-05-11, 16:24
From: Get Check Point IKEView (Download) - Tim’s IT-Blog (http://it-blog.timk.de/index.php/get-check-point-ikeview-download)

Normally IKEView is available only for CSP partners http://www.checkpoint.com/techsupport/csp/downloads/dl_utilities.html#ike_view.

But you can download and install InfoView package https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal/user/anon/page/default.psml/media-type/html?action=portlets.DCFileAction&eventSubmit_doGetdcdetails=&fileid=8227. After Installation you find IKEView under C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\Infoview\1.0