View Full Version : Scheduled Backup Failure - Read-only file system

2012-06-15, 09:52
I am getting an error when we try to run a scheduled backup:

|sh: line 1: /var/log/CPbackup_err.txt: Read-only file system

Also noticed that I am not able to create any files in /var/log

[Expert@GW-1]# cd /var/log
[Expert@GW-1]# touch test.txt
touch: creating `test.txt': Read-only file system

But I am able to create files in /var

2012-06-15, 14:05
If linux experiences a problem with a write to a filesystem, it will automatically mark it readonly.

execute 'dmesg'. it will likely spill out hard drive youve been having...
posible/likely harddrive failure.