View Full Version : Export NG AI R55 Configurations?

2006-06-15, 18:16

I am upgrading from NG AI R55 to NGX R60 on Solaris 9. I am planning to do a fresh checkpoint installation. I tried to export the current configurations using the ./unixinstallscript from NGX CD but it failed. I also tried to use upgrade_export utility and received the same error message:

Checking the existence of necessary files...
Copying files to temp dir...
Building configuration file...
Compressing the files...
gtar: Only wrote 2047 of 10240 bytes to cp_db_configuration.tgz.tar
gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
Error: Failed to execute 'gtar -c -C "/opt/CPfw1-R55/tmp/upgrade_temp_dir" -f "
cp_db_configuration.tgz.tar" .' command
Error: Failed to compress Check Point Software files

Please advise.

2006-06-16, 02:03
what does df -k tell you ?
could it be the opt/CPfw1-R55/tmp/upgrade_temp_dir filesystem is full ?
also you might want to try which gtar and make sure you are using the checkpoint one

hope this helps


2006-06-18, 09:45
Thank you for the response.

I found the problem, which was with the number of policy I have stored. I create a new policy version every time I have major changes. After removing the old policy versions I was able to export.

The space was not an issue. I had more than 12 GB of free space.

Thanks gain.