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2006-06-14, 08:20

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to configure two VPN site-to-site tunnels on two external interfaces?

Actually I'm running Check Point R55 on a Nokia IP260 with site-to-site vpns to a partner. I want to add a second VPN connection to another branch office and use a second external interface as an endpoint for site-site vpns ?
The both remote firewalls (IP130) are externally managed by another management station.

My firewall object defined in the rulebase can only have one IP address which is the current external one. When I trying to establish a tunnel to the second site, the firewall send the ike packet with the other external interface ip address.

Is there any way to force the firewall to use the appropriate external ip address?

Any idea will be appreciated.

Lahouari SAIDAT,
Network & Security Engineer
Atos Origin - France