View Full Version : SmartPortal error - Appliance 12000

2012-04-13, 03:42
Fellow Check Point Administrators!

I have encountered a very wierd error, i hope someone else have seen this too. :)

I installed two Splat R75 server ( one management, one reporter ) then i updated them to R75.30. I installed the two server on a HP hardware, so it is an open server.

After the update I logged in to the SmartPortal where I saw that in the header the SmartPortal displaying that the server is an Appliance 12000.

What could be the error?

2012-04-13, 05:58
There is known issues on open servers and R75.30 that it wrongly shows label as 12000 appliance.
According to SK its only on Dell open servers, but this is not true. Bug exists on Power-1 appliances as well and apparently on HP in your case.
Either way, check the SK, there is hotfix available but you will have to open SR for it.