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2012-03-19, 14:38
In my current firewall vendor (Sidewinder) I can redirect traffic bound for address "A" (be it the address of the f/w nic or other address) once it hits the firewall to address "B". How is this accomplished in Checkpoint?

Further to that I host alias addresses on my current firewall vendor, virtual ip's, and redirect traffic through these. Can I create these aliases in checkpoint?

Thank you in advance.

2012-03-19, 15:59
I'm sure most of what you what to accomplish can be done with NAT rules. DestinationPublicA:PortA -> DestinationPrivateA:PortB can be done with a NAT rule.

Reference my post on NAT rule architecture.

If any of the 'redirects' terminate on a IP assigned directly to the firewall, then I'd recommend you use different IPs for the new firewalls than you currently do. And Please don't use the ClusterIP(s) for NAT.