View Full Version : Upgrading a Flash Based IP390 to Disk Based....

2012-02-20, 11:48
Seems like things have got a bit more complicated...
It now seems like the way forward with my IP390's is to convert them from flash based to disk based
I have got the diskbased_1gb utility...but now need to put together all the pieces of the jigsaw.....

As the ip 390's are still new in box, would it be best to perform the conversion before i upgrade IPSO etc?

At present they are running ipso 4.0, we are looking at moving to 4.2 or even better 6.2

Could i confirm what i would need to installs a disk, ie which model of disks (i assume they are laptop disks) and any other parts i need (cables, enclosure etc )

Thanks :)