View Full Version : Integrity Clientless Security & Updates

2006-06-06, 09:45
I'd like to know if anyone has gotten the manual updates to work correctly.

If I use a the vanilla NGX R60 HFA_3 on SPLAT the ICS client & SSL Network Extender work great.

As soon as I put the newest most up to date ICS CAB file in place & modify the necessary files/update xml file, I get an error with a XP Pro SP2 client (which worked in the earlier test) to load right.

I'm following the instructions from the NGX R60 VPN_Guide PDF file.
1. Fetch the new XML file
2. Repace the ICSScanner.cab
3. Edit the ics.html file for the version #

The CAB file is created on a Win2003 IIS 6.0 server and it is licensed...

Any suggestions?