View Full Version : SG80 license problem

2011-11-01, 07:42

My customer has a problem attaching a license to SG80.
He got "Failed to process uploaded license file" from the management page.
The pre-history is the following:
if he added a license (Activation file) to appliance with default image and then upgraded it to R71.45,
all went OK.
But if he first upgraded to R71.45 and then tried to add a perm license Activation file, it fails with the above error.
Trying to add license from CLI gives:

All licenses for SG80 are created to loopback interface and MAC address but here when I try to attach from command line I got
This license cannot be installed on the local machine:
The license IP Address does not match any of the local machine's IP Addresses.
If this license has an IP Address of the SmartCenter Server, use SmartUpdate to install it.

I opened SR at CP but it is already a month and we're at where we started, CP support is as usually slow and stuff.

Has anyone seen similar behaviour ?

Thank you.