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2006-06-06, 00:23
Hi all,

This is my first foray into connectra and I am having some issues with SSL network extender. I keep getting the message "cannot establish connection to SSL Network Extender gateway. Try to reconnect" when trying to connect over a regular internet link. Through the our internal network it I can connect with no problems. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks all.

2006-06-06, 01:42
Found the answer to my problem. Thanks.

2006-10-07, 10:00
It would be nice if you post the solution (or a link to a document).


2007-12-30, 23:25
I have same question , would you like how to debug?

thank you in advance

2008-01-18, 12:25
I am having this exact problem

Please post a solution...

I did explicitely put the public IP of the connectra portal as it was nated behind the firewall

2008-01-19, 11:18
Hi hotice_,

From your answer I think you know that you need to explicitly set the public IP address of Connectra in the portal and that is what you did, correct? Good catch, many people miss that part of the setup.

What version of Connectra? Most require the use of TCP 444 for SNX while the portal itself uses TCP 443. If 444 is not allowed in the firewall rule or in intervening firewalls SNX cannot work. The "intervening firewall" part caused us a lot of issues.

I changed SNX to use 443 and added a second public IP address to the Connectra interface and set SNX to use that IP address. It does burn a second public IP address but it lets both the portal and SNX use the standard TCP 443 port.