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2011-08-10, 17:03
Hello, I am studying for the CCSA exam and must pass it soon. I took the class and I work with the software but can’t seem to pass this test. When I took the test I scored 67. I am looking for someone that is studying for this test also and maybe we can help each other. One of the questions I am not too sure about is:
Smart console on a windows system what is the minimum hardware requirements for R71
A. 500mb disk space and 512 mb ram
B. 1GB free disk space 512 mb RAM
C. 1 GB of disk space and 1GB RAM
D. 512 MB of Disk space and 1G of RAM
I believe it’s B
Where is the best place to find information about connections between two machines?
A. On a security management server using smart view tracker.
B. All options are valid
C, on a security Gateway using the command fw log
D. On a security Gateway console interface it gives you detailed access to log files and state table information

Thanks for any help!

Anyone looking for this I found it: It is a question on the R71 test:


SmartConsole and SmartDomain Manager Hardware Requirements
This table shows the minimum hardware requirements for console applications, including: SmartDashboard, SmartView Tracker, SmartView Monitor, SmartProvisioning, SmartReporter, and SmartEvent, SecureClient Packaging Tool, SmartUpdate, and SmartDomain Manager. Component Windows
Intel Pentium Processor E2140 or 2 GHz equivalent processor
Disk Space
Optical Drive
Video Adapter
minimum resolution: 1024 x 768