View Full Version : Check Point R71.40 is Public EA

2011-05-30, 11:40
Check Point R71.40 is now Public EA! Download from Products > Early Availability in User Center. New features include IPS improvements, a more accurate IPS Geo database, many enhancements to Secure Workspace (including 64-bit support), and a new release for SG80!

2011-06-02, 08:03
That's great.

I'm interested to know if the known limitations in this EA release for example "Secure workspace" and "SSL Network Extender in Application mode" are in R75.10?

Also, reading through the notes, I find it concerning that CP would instruct/suggest to disable IE protective mode to resolve problems in IE9. Most of our business partners are not administrators, and changing their SOE or COE is not an option.

Do you have any suggestions?