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2006-05-25, 13:23
I tried to install a Inter Pro 100/1000 GT quad card in a splat R60 HF03 environnement and it did not work. It seems that only the MT version is compatible not the GT.

Does anyone have success installing this GT version ?

The driver is also available in a RPM form on the web site vendor.
But i am not sure if it is a good idea to install this driver (not checkpoint certified) on a SPLAT.

Thanks in advance for your help.

2006-05-25, 19:14
The e1000.o drivers don't work with it?

If you have a link to the driver, open a ticket with support (push them hard about it). They should be able to back-port the drive.

2006-05-25, 19:38
Thanks Chillyjim for your support.

It seems that only hp website have the driver for linux
At intel website the driver is available only for WinXXX

I will open a case at checkpoint

2006-06-29, 18:06
Any luck on this as of yet?

2006-07-03, 14:31
I have similar problem. any update on Intel Pro/1000 GT quad card?

2006-07-03, 18:18
I haven't had any luck as of yet. Unfortunately it appears you can't make the pci.8086.10b5 use the existing e1000 driver in either R60, R60 HFA03 or R61, it errors out. I have been trying to get to the point where I can compile the driver on SecurePlatform R60 HFA03 or R61, I have make and install-info installed on the box, just can't seem to find the kernel-source anywhere. the driver release in R60HFA03 seems to be running the latest of the e1000 drivers at 6.1.2x, but I don't beleive the GT is supported until the 6.2.19b intel driver. Any ideas out there?

Yes, I realize that it would be unsupported by checkpoint, unfortunately I can't really wait until they release the driver as this is the only quad card I have, and the vendor will charge me 15% restock to swap out for the MT which is supposedly supported by the current releases.

And Hitman, the source for the driver is available from Intel for Linux, which by the way is also how HP releases the driver, interestingly enough is actually just a repack of the 6.2.19b driver from Intel.

2006-07-05, 19:06
good news, I called Checkpoint and worked with tech support, they sent me a new SPLAT image with the Intel Pro/1000 GT quad card driver included. I installed it and it recognizes the card fine. Good luck everyone!

2006-07-05, 22:59
What was the release of the SPLAT disk they sent you?

2006-07-06, 10:04
BTW, late yesterday contacted support and they hooked me up with an updated driver, 6.3.9. After initial setup, at least recognizes the NIC, as well, actually loads when the system boots. Will be doing some actual testing this morning, and have an update in a couple of hours.

2006-07-06, 16:09
The updated drivers I received from support appear to be functioning fine with R60 HFA03 on the box that I have it running on with the Pro/1000GT. contact support and ask for the updated e1000 driver (6.3.9 is the version if you need it)

2006-08-06, 20:05
i need your help ASAP , I must have that driver update
i have a project stuck becouse of it
can you pleas send me the file or FTP it ???

2006-08-07, 06:53
This driver is in HFA04.

SecurePlatform can now support the following new NICs:
• The e1000 driver was upgraded to 7.0.38 version
• 10GB support - Intel PRO/10Gbe CX4
• Sun Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter UTP copper
• Sun Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter MMF fiber PCIe x 4
• IntelPRO/1000 PT Dual Port server adapter UTP copper
• HP NC320T Gigabit NIC single port UTP copper PCIe
• IntelPRO/1000 Dual Port PCIe x 4 (82546GB based)
• HP NC340T PCI-X Quad Port Gigabit
• Sun X445A PCI-X Quad Port Gigabit
• Intelฎ PRO/1000 GT Quad Port Server Adapter

2006-08-07, 10:42
Thank you Very much !!